Charles Titterington's

Shutterburn Photography

As an Artist Charles Titterington grew up with a great passion for Art creating and exploring the limitless ways to express his emotions through several mediums over the years but drawing and painting always stood out prominent for him. Charles found photography while still in high school starting simply as a yearbook photographer with some basic developing classes. Quickly he began to find the common ground for his new found medium and seen new ways to apply his imagination as he grew as a young Photographic Artist.

His first job as a photographer was at a local dinner show which led to other opportunities with other venues, eventually some took him around the country covering business events, and ballroom soon after dance schools.


With dance being such a prominent subject in his household with his Wife growing up with dance and daughters taking classes as well. Dance Photography seemed a natural choice for him.


With Art being in the foreground with every image Charles Titterington always strives to create a unique work of Art for Wall Decor to Portraiture.



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